Tribute to Beyoncé: Every Woman is a Ball of Power and Daring

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No single musical figure in modern times has done more to empower the women of our country or the world than multiple Grammy winner Beyoncé.

Lots of women make music. Then there's the music made for women by a woman.

Beyoncé understands and speaks to the importance and priority that women must be understood, valued, heard, and respected. We applaud her.

Crazy Sweet CuteWear is the Fashion World equivalent of this superstar:

Bold clothing with a message designed by women, and a company run by women, focused only on empowering women everywhere, while giving them the opportunity to wear what they feel on the inside.  

Beyoncé would be proud. Curious as to why? I invite you to visit and see for yourself.

Back to Beyoncé 

For too long women have been objectified, singularized, and categorized:

You're either this or that.

You'll do either A or B for the rest of your life.

Beyoncé exploded onto the musical scene years ago ad has maintained a velocity that underscores and highlights the multi-dimensions of all women: The dynamism women bring to the table of life. Never failing to amplify -- with incredible beats, lyrics and visual themes -- the vibrance, passion, pain, love, and feminine energy that is today's woman.

In reality, women know no bounds. Every woman is a ball of power and daring in her own way. No woman should ever hesitate to be afraid of her true self.

Be You! is the motto of Crazy Sweet CuteWear. This exemplifies the understanding and knowing the fundamental component that all women must operate with.

Never be ashamed of who you are.

Hold your head high.

Never value other opinions over your own intuition, inner identity and principles.

Project on the outside what makes you so special on the inside. 

Appreciate the Beautiful You!

Beyoncé  teaches us all that when a woman wakes us in the morning, she should perceive herself as beautiful. Her beauty is raw and requires no preparation.

Beyoncé explained that a woman who is truly loved is not afraid of commitment. 

Beyoncé  knows unequivocally that through our collective power, intelligence, compassion, nurturing, beauty and child birthing too, women rule the world.

Thanks Beyoncé for the years of elevating women everywhere. And we hope you also visit Crazy Sweet CuteWear soon. You will love what we wear. 







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