Black History Month: Crazy Sweet CuteWear Women

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History has shown us that people of color have been singled out, targeted and mistreated for centuries. Hate comes in all forms -- whether it's directed at someone's ethnicity, religious orientation, skin color or what ever other absurd focal point those who hate decide is deserving of their ignorant attention. 

Yet throughout history, no single group of human beings have had disdain, oppression, limited rights, or outright evil directed at them more than the women of the world. 

At least in the United States huge progress has been made in this regard with more work to be done. Sadly, however, in many parts of the world, oppression and degradation of women persists. Often unabated. 

As we celebrate Black History Month, I think of the women of this country, how far we have come. The beautiful energy and progress is going on in real-time, in our time, amplified by hashtags like the  #MeToo movement and the  #TimesUp movement. 

While I ponder these points, I'm thinking too of the black women of our country -- as well as the women of all backgrounds, religions, shades of color, and cultures.  All of us who call the United States home.

Black women are certainly the gold medal winners of mistreatment at the hands of others within early and not so distant American history. In fact, women who even looked like they might be black, such as so many Latina women were also disliked and shunned. But it is equally true that for a long time women in general were looked down upon, told not to do this or that, or, as for voting, that they could not do this either. 

American women, regardless of outward appearance were second or even third class citizens. Very little if any time or energy was put into educating them, protecting them, providing opportunities or inspiring the greatness within every woman.

In a free-market capitalistic society, companies can control the messages they send out within their products and services -- and greatly impact how certain individuals perceive or feel about themselves. This is branding, advertising and marketing 101.

On that note, I would like to give credit where credit is due. Crazy Sweet CuteWear is one of the only companies I can think of that from its inception its entire business, purpose, marketing, and growth focus is on helping women to not only look good but feel good, empowered.

It's simple, ingenious -- the placement of super positive, confidence affirming and proclaiming statements displayed on cute styles. It is the perfect way to show the world that Crazy Sweet CuteWear is one company that gets it. 

Women have earned and deserve our uplifting and respectful attention. 

Women ... this is your month too and Crazy Sweet CuteWear is your company!

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