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Isn't it funny how the trolls and haters of life always seem to pop up and crawl out of their negativity nests whenever something good is going on?

As the mega hit movie Black Panther breaks records since its release on February 16th and inspires children, adults, women especially and people of color everywhere to embrace the panther within themselves by overcoming life's obstacles, the trolls of the world have tried to crash the party.

Crazy Sweet CuteWear has made it our business to embrace positivity and the power that good energy can have in life and fashion. But trolls don't like positivity. And Black Panther has awakened them.

Media reports over the past few days have highlighted that some of these trolls have taken to Twitter and spread tweets filled with racist and alarming messages surrounding the film.

Yet here is the beauty of all this:  Black Panther through its inspiring messages  has literally placed a flashlight into the hands of all -- showing us that through courage, tenacity, intelligence, and sheer effort, we can overcome every obstacle, defeat any foe, and light up any dark-alley of life with our own special flashlight.

There is no challenge any of us face in life, no brand of hate and negativity and certainly,  and no dish of racism that the Black Panther within all of us cannot eat for lunch.

Visit  and show off the Black Panther within you!

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