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We all love superheroes ... for some reason.

Movies that depict them, such as Disney's new Black Panther, make us feel like somehow, in someway. we may have superpowers within ourselves or someone out there does.

It is the soothing and entertaining elixir that fantasy creates for us within our own reality.

But I have even better news!

Crazy Sweet CuteWear creates clothing for the super heroes that are actually real. They are the  super heroes closest to us. We know then. They brought each and every one of us into this life: Women!

Visit CrazySweetCuteWear now and get something for that Super Woman in your life.

Women not only carry a human life within their wombs for 9 months and introduce them into the world. They also nurture and raise these little miracle creations ... sometimes alone ... if the father doesn't feel like it or won't.

What is more super-hero-like than that?

For all the attention the Black Panther will receive over the next weeks as it pulls in hundreds of millions in profit, let none of us forget or overlook the super heroes you know personally: The women in your life.

Today women from all walks of life wear multiple hats and juggle countless duties honorably. Men are enormously valuable and should be deeply appreciated. Yet a society is held together by the fiber and strength of its women. Furthermore, this same society is judged by how it acknowledges and treats its women. 

Women especially will love the Black Panther movie simply because it is relatable. Women truly know what it means to be a super hero everyday, not just at the movies. Crazy Sweet CuteWear makes the clothing and unique gifts that represents marvelous women exceptionally well.

As for the rest of humanity, enjoy Black Panther . Yet as you do ... keep in mind one fact: The true color of the real-life Black Panther is Pink!

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