CARDI B. KEEPS IT REAL ... DO YOU FEEL ME? Crazy Sweet CuteWear Does

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Being real should always have more value than being perfect. There are not too many of us who can relate to perfection. Yet there is not a single one of us that doesn't respect the power behind reality.

Female rap sensation Cardi B has masterfully executed the personal messaging system through music of keeping it real. Galaxies removed from an idyllic resume or life story, she has defied the odds, came from nothing, grabbed the American dream by the throat and catapulted herself and those around her to the top of both the economic and cultural food chain.

Hailing from a never-say-die or quit in life,  Afro-Trinidadian and Mestizo Dominican heritage  Cardi B certainly doesn't mince words or use filters in her choice of lyrics or imagery. Her approach is simple: Keep it real. She shows you what she sees. Feel what she's felt. Try for just a moment to stand in her shoes. In many ways she says what a lot of women think but do not dare speak.

At the end of the day, her success cannot be denied. Her candor is unapologetic and very clear. The intensity she uses to tell her story and fuel the engine that has propelled her to the top of the music world is 1,000% raw. Women everywhere are buying her music not because of her desire to project perfection as the image they should want to be but rather because she connects with women everywhere by saying out loud -- I understand you and I am you.

We live in a culture that will applaud an icon like Oprah for sharing her life story, good parts and the not so great aspects of it, while taking a somewhat more judgmental and critical view of Cardi B for doing the same thing, just in her own way. Both ladies came from zero. Both ladies overcame. Both ladies keep it real. We should feel and treat them equally.

Crazy Sweet CuteWear is in the business of not judging women but celebrating the essence present in every woman. Our clothing plastered with bold and powerful slogans are based on the same principles: Pride, confidence and strength that every woman possesses. The same principles Cardi B used to elevate her life

Whether you see yourself as a Cardi B, Oprah or anyone else in life --  at Crazy Sweet CuteWear ... WE FEEL YOU!

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