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If we've learned anything from the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements it has to be that silence isn't golden and speaking out takes courage. 

Women everywhere, from every sector of society, are saying, "No More. You won't to this to me." They are also saying, "You sure as hell won't get away with it."

Sure, no one wants to see innocent men targeted. No reasonable person wants these movements used for illegitimate or scurrilous  purposes. Yet, when the situation is real and the culprit is guilty, women are finally gaining the confidence to stand up and be heard.

The Howard Weinstein situation in Hollywood exposed a sinister reality within our culture. Most people are sheep, not eagles. They follow, not lead. For decades women were being abuse in the process of seeking out opportunities and pursuing their dreams as the very powerful preyed upon them and or said nothing about those who did prey upon them. No one came to defend the women. 

Now the tide is turning. This is fantastic! But as we all smile, clap and support the women who deserve our compassion, let us also recognize positive people and companies that from the very beginning realized that speaking out is in fact empowering, the right thing to do.

Crazy Sweet CuteWear is one such company. Constructed entirely by women and built in the core belief and commitment of paying it forward by sharing their profits with women's groups that support women and mothers with special needs children. 

The edgy, positive slogans emblazoned on it's entire product line is based on speaking out.

As we support the women who have elevated the act of being heard, let's support the businesses that support women. 

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