Drake Understands Kindness: A Man to Admire, Respect, Love

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Drake has cemented himself into the musical genre of hip-hop and rap by creating some of the most powerful and mentally stimulating lyrics and melodies ever. But what the artist has recently created with his heart is his best work.

In a string of surprise visits across the South Florida area recently, Drake proceeded to give away nearly 1 million dollars that was originally intended as the budget for a music video he was shooting. Instead the altruistically focused superstar decided to give away the money to various people and organizations, while filming himself in the art of giving, making that visual scene the basis for his new video.

Crazy Sweet CuteWear believes we can disrupt and forever change the Fashion World for women through the power of positive. Clearly, Drake himself also completely understands this power as well.

We all live in a world saturated with negative. The optics presented to us all -- from the moment we wake to the moment we fall asleep, whether it be through news, radio, internet and even music --  is often marinated in negativity.

Lives are not changed for the better this way. Personal trajectories don't shift upwards by hearing or seeing something bad. No one has ever been inspired by a discouraging word.

It is the heart within all of us, the ray of light that emanates from our own spirits which can shine that hope, motivation and smile-generating energy into someone's cloudy day.

Drake tapped into not his musical genius in creating a video about giving; he went to the true source of power: Kindness.

For when we are kind to one another, we invite kindness upon ourselves. When we extend a hand to our brothers and sisters in this beautiful dance called life, we all end up dancing a little better and longer.

Crazy Sweet CuteWear wants to change women's lives through positive, inspiring clothing. Drake already did this  the other day in Miami, simply with his heart.

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