Empowerment is Strength ... Be Bold Women

Posted by Miranda Lakewood on

Believe it or not, there are people out there who think all the attention being given to the issue of women's empowerment is just a fad and eventually will go out of style. Then there's Crazy Sweet CuteWear which has just launched and is betting its financial future on the vision that those people are wrong.

It's really easy to jump on board onto a train that is going where you want to go or is simply fun to ride. People do it, companies do it everyday. Pretending to stand by this cause or this movement simply because it is trending. As soon as it's over, they are gone. No skin in the game. Nothing lost.

Then there is Crazy Sweet CuteWear. Built entirely by women and operated by women from a diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds and no beginners in the world of life's tough lessons and challenges that all women face. 

From the founder who was a former single mom turned entrepreneur to the marketing director who is a current single mom and a powerful promoter of positivity and healthy thinking -- these women know empowerment isn't going anywhere.

Most amazing, the entire company was built on the business model and designed on the principle that women deserve the right and choice to wear clothing that speaks well of their inner self, not just the outer shell. 

Fashions that accurately project cute styles to wear but more importantly project women as individuals who have a voice of empowerment that needs to be heard and worn.

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