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Recently basketball Superstar LeBron James was told to "shut up and dribble," by conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham. This rude, degrading, unintelligent attack fired off by Ingraham made me think.

LeBron James is a basketball legend. But is he also politically or just socially vibrant? Crazy Sweet CuteWear is not political. But we are socially vibrant. After all, we are people like you. We make trendy women's fashion that speaks loudly and positively of all women. We operate with the freedom to express social opinions.  We believe no company should be afraid of demonstrating that at the end of the day a company is a team of people with thoughts, feelings and points of view.

Our customers identify with us, relate to us, and spend money with us, exactly because they not only love our high energy apparel, but they know they are dealing with real people. They feel like they know us. Go to CrazySweetCuteWear.com and you'll understand why.

Think what you want of LeBron's politics. You can love him or hate him on the basketball court depending on your NBA team allegiances. But what you cannot question is this: He is a Crazy Sweet CuteWear caliber man.

Strip him of his basketball. Strip him of his money and fame. Silence his social positions on this or that. It doesn't matter: What you have in the stripped-down version of King James is an exemplary example of what a man should be.

Mr. James married his high school sweetheart. He is a loyal husband, loves his mother deeply, raises his children with a focus on character development and compassion for others. He is scandal free, gives to others lavishly, and comports himself as a gentleman on and off the court. Did I mention he also came from very little to not only become a sports icon but did so while overcoming significant racial and socioeconomic hurdles?

Laura Ingraham may have her views and she is most certainly entitled to them, but to tell Mr. James to simply "shut up and dribble" is a grossly shallow and ignorant comment directed at a man who should be emulated and who all men could learn much from.

LeBron James is a Crazy Sweet CuteWear caliber man ... not because of what he does while he is dribbling ... but for how he lives his life.... when there is no basketball in sight.

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