Let's Break it Up: Crazy Sweet CuteWear Women Say

Posted by Miranda Lakewood on

Women wear things usually designed by a man and produced by a company that is likely led if not owned by a man. No one hates men. But in fashion who better know women?

The fashion industry is like a big oak tree that has deep roots, stands tall and strong, and doesn't want to move. Too often small companies with great ideas and products for women and by women get silenced, overshadowed by the big boy firms who want things to remain as they always have been. 

Crazy Sweet CuteWear has decided to chop down that old oak tree an break things up. This focus and thinking is one we as women should embrace. 

Women are rising up everywhere and saying, "Enough is Enough," to a lot of things.  Fashion should be no exception.

Crazy Sweet CuteWear started from nothing, is all women operated and does nothing but create inspiration ... saying Enough to how things have always been. 

Breaking Up Never Felt So Good!

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