#MeToo Means Give: Crazy Sweet CuteWear Declares

Posted by Miranda Lakewood on

We've all been moved to tears by the stories of abuse that women everywhere are sharing. But it's one thing to feel bad for someone ... it's another to do something about it. 

On this note, I'm proud of Crazy Sweet CuteWear. Few brand new companies pledge to give money to anyone and even fewer companies direct it to specific groups. 

By committing 10% of its annual profits to groups and charities that defend women's rights everywhere, this baby of a company is putting its money where its mouth is. Rare in any business, especially a brand new one. 

For most of us, buying something cute or nice to wear is a lot of fun. But it means so much more when the benefit extends beyond the moment. I know most of my friends always choose to do business with firms that spread out the rewards into the community by paying it forward. I too feels this way,  even willing to pay a little more to do it. 

At the end of the day, what good is outrage towards the mistreatment of women if not backed up by action?

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