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Sometimes what you don't say speaks loudly ... not the volume of words used.

Oprah was the centerpiece of a recent blog post I wrote titled "Your Oprah Moment," highlighting the power of this remarkable woman. The Candor she's utilized in sharing her own life story and encouraging women to do the same as they converted all into positive power. There is not a person alive who can deny that Oprah Winfrey has demonstrated nothing but class, strength, leadership and the confidence that empowerment brings into the life of women -- and to men -- throughout her decades in Media. 

Crazy Sweet CuteWear is in the business of selling trendy and inspirational clothing for women. We don't do politics. Actually, we recognize that depending on the issue, apolitical sides can be right or wrong on any given day. Our allegiance is to the non-political party of positivity and bold women's fashion. You can't get further from politics than that.

Yet Crazy Sweet CuteWear is a company run by women and more importantly, guided by principle. So when we heard Oprah referred to as insecure by President Trump, we had to pause and say something.

People will hold positive or negative opinions towards Mr. Trump. This is fine. It's called America for a reason. But regardless of one's opinion on anything political or not, it can always be conveyed with decorum, respect, and class.

Oprah has projected the exact opposite of insecurity for decades. In fact, she is showing people the way, especially those who are actually insecure, how not to ever feel that way again and take full confidence in themselves, no matter the depth or color of their life story.

Crazy Sweet CuteWear is working hard to lead the fashion world into a far more positive and meaningful representation of women everywhere --  through styles that depict powerful words. Visit us at CrazySweetCuteWear.com to see how.

Our advice to Oprah and  how she should respond to Mr. Trump is simple: Oprah ... your years of actions speak so powerfully that you don't need to say a word. Trump is not at your level. 

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