Shelah Marie Is The Real Influencer, Says Crazy Sweet CuteWear

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Influencers come and go. Some are bogus reincarnations of someone else's ideas and posts, While others are authentic. In fact, an article in the March edition of Entrepreneur magazine titled 'The anatomy of influence,' spoke directly about this issue within the multi-billion-dollar industry that is influencing.

What is clear is that you have the average influencers and then you have the superb Shelah Marie -- woman who affects women everywhere, not just through a product but with an overall message of self elevation.

Crazy Sweet CuteWear is not the influencer police. We do what we do:

We create and sell positive, high-energy, inspiring women's apparel that speaks to every woman's essence.

Allowing women to wear on the outside what they feel on the inside. We are real women doing real things and we recognize other original, quality-caliber women.

Widely known and respected for her upbeat content, witty posts and powerful insights into obtaining and sustaining a lifestyle of overall well-being, Shelah Marie, the founder of Curvy Curly Conscious, leaves an impressive mark. The legitimacy and positivity projected through her Instagram @realshelahmarie electrifies the women who follow her. 

She is creating new standards in lifestyle excellence, creative thinking and teaching healthy self-perceptions through her exploding personal Instagram account as well as Curvy Curly Conscious.

We can relate. Frankly the world needs more women like Shelah Marie and companies like Crazy Sweet CuteWear demonstrating to the world that women are not singular or limited in their functionality or contributions, making it clear, how all women are actually the ultimate influencers.

Shelah Marie's regular visual injection of positive and personal betterment thinking and techniques is the Instagram World equivalent of what Crazy Sweet CuteWear strives to accomplish every time a woman purchases one of our Female Essence Proclaiming Collections. No woman can get too much of either.

Hovering far above a crowd of sometimes unscrupulous Instagram accounts, Shelah Marie's resounding class, positivity, style and quality is what women respect. Whether you're following her or shopping for clothing at Crazy Sweet CuteWear, no woman can go wrong.

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