Shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas H.S. Demands Action Not Words: Crazy Sweet CuteWear Agrees

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On the afternoon of Valentine's Day the actions of one instantaneously shattered millions. Around Florida, throughout the entire nation we are stunned to silence. It could have been us. Could have been my brother or your sister. Today you could be the mom or dad burying your baby. Yes, they are always our babies not matter how old they are.

As politicians and other public figures lineup and step up to the microphones and cameras to throw words at this horrific tragedy that robbed 17 angels of the brilliant present and their future destiny, the entire team at Crazy Sweet CuteWear is angry and cries with the Parkland community in Broward County Florida, a short drive from us. 

At Crazy Sweet CuteWear some of us are mothers, some of us are sisters. All of us are daughters. Our entire focus as a company is positive change and reminding women, through fashion, that they have tremendous power within them.

But there are times in life when we feel we have no power. This will be one of those moments for many. We also know that many of the surviving students will be empowered by the lives of their fellow classmates and teachers, and they will remind us all, at our weakest moments, that we all have inner power to create the change that is needed. 

We know that no politician. persons in law enforcement, or public figures have the ability to execute instant and impactive change. They speak words ... say this or that ... then they move on to the next breaking news story or issue.

Well intentioned as they may be, it is us, the people, as a collective unit who possess massive power that can convert the terrible events on Valentine's Day in Broward County into real-time, beginning now, powerful action. 

As we wipe away our tears and learn to stand tall again while holding each other tightly, let's create action that leads to immediate solutions.  

Whether it be in our thinking, within our families, how we perceive each other, our laws, the awareness we have and even the things we listen to or watch -- we owe it to the children and teachers lost to leave no option off the table as we work together as a community to Act.

It is beyond ridiculous and totally unacceptable that the most advanced and powerful nation on earth cannot figure out how to protect its children at school. 

The team of women at Crazy Sweet CuteWear challenges Broward County and the State of Florida to honor the 17 precious lives, these loved angels, stolen from us ... Act!

We honor the 17 here, listing their names:

Alyssa Alhadeff

Alaina Petty

Scott Beigel

Martin Duque Anguiano 

Nicholas Dworet

Aaron Feis

Jaime Guttenberg

Chris Hixon

Luke Hoyer

Cara Loughran

Gina Montalto

Joaquin Olivier

Meadow Pollack 

Helena Ramsey

Alex Schachter 

Carmen Schentrup 

Peter Wang 





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