What Is Your Story? Crazy Sweet CuteWear Wants to Know

Posted by Miranda Lakewood on

Women are the mothers, sisters, daughters, nieces, girlfriends, wives, best friends forever and sparkling jewels of humanity. And each of us has a unique story. 

Good stories, real stories, those built on actual living, will always have the peaks and valleys. Life is itself a series of wins, losses, clouds and sunshine. However, the presence of these factors should never preclude any woman from feeling proud of who she is and embracing her original story.

In this age of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or whatever, we are all pressured to put forth a perfect-little-life image. The digital Gods almost demand of us to always be smiling, poking out our lips and projecting bliss. As women, we feel this pressure even more. Always be sweet. Never be crazy. Be the perfect little princess.

I blog for Crazy Sweet CuteWear because I believe in their story and because they understand our story. They understand, as their company name displays, that every woman has a crazy and sweet side. And this is okay. The whole company is founded and operated by women that have faced all sorts of challenges; and they don't claim to be perfect women. But here is what they do differently. In their products and even in their Be You! company motto, they embrace and promote the power behind your story as a woman.

Perfection is not possible and no woman smiles all day. But the message from Crazy Sweet CuteWear and its beautifully designed and positively positive, powerful Collections is to Never Be Ashamed of or fail to recognize the absolute beauty within your special story. 

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