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Leadership styles certainly differ from gender to gender. Men and women will always see the world through different prisms. This is okay. But which is preferred? Which is more effective?

In business, women today are more able, capable and certainly capturing more leadership positions than ever before in modern history. Still grossly underrepresented as a whole, women are demonstrating repeatedly that once provided the opportunity to compete for business leadership roles the XX chromosome certainly has its advantages.

Crazy Sweet CuteWear is all women owned and controlled. Heck, we even feature the XX chromosome in every one of our collections! But what is interesting to note is that companies led by women offer distinct advantage over those headed by men.

Let's face it, most men are not emotionally driven. A lot of men don't see the world in the rainbow of colors that is humanity, preferring to stick with black and white. The cold-bloodedness of business, dollars and cents, seems more likely to dominate decisions made by firms led by men.

This is not to say that women are emotional basket cases incapable of making hard choices, or that all men are ruthless. But it does speak to the issue of balance. Women must inherently master the concept of balance in order to function. A woman must be able to see people through her nurturing lens while at times putting on her fact-driven optic mental hardware. This switch ability, the principles of fairness, compassion, kindness and functionality permeate in the hard wiring of most women.

Businesses are nothing but people doing business with other people. Success is powered by relatability and purpose. Who better understands the core tenants of what it means to be a business leader than a woman?

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