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Adversity creates greatness. Challenges create strength. Where you came from does not determine your destination. 

Oprah Winfrey lives by these principles and for decades on TV and now through her multiple media outlets, she has espoused and encouraged women around the world to do the same. 

Candid and raw in sharing her past experiences with sexual abuse, poverty, and a host of other hurdles, Oprah fully understands the power of perspective, resolve, and pure grit and positivity in overcoming every curveball life throws at women. 

We don't know Oprah ... although we'd love to. But as a company, we draw upon her lifelong message of inspiration for what we are building now at Crazy Sweet CuteWear. Furthermore, we fully comprehend the power of each and every woman's individual story. The value of it. The purpose within it. The elevation gained because of it.

Not a singe woman walking this earth should ever be ashamed of her individual story. No matter what it contains. 

Your Story Is Your Moment! 

Your Experiences Is Your Journey!

Dominate And Convert It Into Your Personal Greatness.

As a woman your moment is actually every day of your individually unique life. Each hour that passes within that day is a building block set in place, constructing the palace of magnificence in which you will forever reside.

Oprah taught the world that women deserve to feel empowered. From her school in Africa to her numerous philanthropic contributions around the world, she has no doubts when it comes to the power of women.

As we build Crazy Sweet CuteWear into the most positive and empowering women's clothing brand we salute Oprah. We salute you ... the women who purchase our special fashions.

Together ... using our collective powerful moments in life ... there's nothing we as women cannot do.



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