Zashia Santiago Exudes Hustle and Style, Says Crazy Sweet CuteWear

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At  Crazy Sweet CuteWear we acknowledge exceptionally driven women who never compromise or surrender in pursuit of their ambitions.

Any woman who wakes up every day with laser-focus, confidence, knowing no limits, over-the-top-energy and completely unaware of what the word "Can't" means. ... This is what Crazy Sweet CuteWear women are all about.

Each of us knows that life is a series of obstacles and hurdles, losses and victories, rainy days and pure sunshine. It is how a woman reacts to the inevitable tests that life delivers to us all that ends up defining her and shaping her destiny. Whether she watches things happen or makes them happen. Whether she is controlled by her environment or creates an environment that she desires.

One look at Zashia Santiago's life, one hour spent on her vibrant and magnetically addictive Instagram @zashia320, and you're left with a clear impression. Miss Santiago believes and knows she can do anything, will not limit herself to only one endeavor,  and crushes every obstacle life presents, utilizing her trademark hustle and irresistible style.

Crazy Sweet CuteWear was born completely out of the principal that women deserve a brand of apparel that promotes their individual hustle, style and essence. We understand Zashia  well and those who are like her.

After a recent visit to your Instagram page, I departed feeling not only emboldened and happy but joyful. This is a woman who enjoys life, dumps humor and energy into everything that she sets her sights on, while simultaneously wrapping it all up in the classy, yet sexy, personal brand she has perfected.

Zashia"s occupations, current project, and pursuits are too numerous to mention in one blog. But there is one lesson to be learned. Never quit. Never stop hustling. Never do anything without style.

When we created the name of our company Crazy Sweet CuteWear, we did it intentionally. The words were deliberately selected.

We know, as Zashia Santiago clearly does, that every woman has days  or moments when she either feels crazy or sweet. Each -- no matter which one it ends up being --  is okay because it is the unique dynamism present in every woman. And we are powered by the strength and swagger that ultimately generates success.

You must never stop grinding and capturing what you want out of life. Zashia Santiago actually lives this way. Each woman who wears the essence rich styles available at Crazy Sweet CuteWear does as well.

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