Retail Partnerships

Crazy Sweet CuteWear is excited to partner with not-for-profit organizations.

When we enter into a partnership with not-for-profit organizations, the nonprofits benefit by increasing the percentage of our profits that they receive. 

How Retail Partnership Works

When we partner with a nonprofit, our donation to the nonprofit is greater than 10% when purchases of our Collections originate from the nonprofit website or its social media presence on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. We can easily track -- through donation codes we give the nonprofits -- when a purchase originates from supporters of the nonprofit. 

NonProfit Selects Collections or Items It Wants to Present to Its Audience

Nonprofit organizations participating in our Retail Partnership are free to select specific items or entire Collections they wish to promote within their website or within its social media platforms. If people in your network purchase items not selected by the nonprofit -- because they see something else they like -- as long as they use the donation code assigned to your organization, the donation is automatically earmarked to the nonprofit. All the nonprofit has to do is to remind its supporters to enter the donation code at check out.  

Retail Partnerships vs. Pay It Forward?

Pay It Forward:  As a company, we are committed to donating 10% of our annual profits to nonprofit organizations. When an online purchase is made from our Collections, at checkout a drop down menu appears where the customer selects the non-profit they want us to donate to. 

Retail Partnership: Online purchases originate from the nonprofit partner. This qualifies the nonprofit to receive donations from us that exceed 10%. It also means the nonprofit can select to receive donations based on per item profit. 

How We Select NonProfits: 

Step 1: We select the nonprofits that we think work to help women, children, and the elderly.

Step 2: We reach out to qualifying nonprofits.

Step 3: We discuss with qualifying nonprofits how a partnership with us works.

Can NonProfits Approach Us?

Yes. If a nonprofit wants to partner with us, they may write or call us and we will set up a time for a phone meeting to discuss their interest.